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Our Services

We provide complete services from a full event management service to minimally a booking agency service for your entertainment, and guarantee of perfect attention to detail for each and every event, we intend. We always provide a modified professional and personal service, guaranteed to go beyond your expectations.

We have the ability, experience, and the management to handle any brief - from an intimate party for a few select guests to the most complex and logistically demanding business function or outdoor event.The quality of musicians, entertainers, bands, DJs, and services we provide, is retain by the company by only offering services and entertainers that have been evaluated and approved.

So whether you require an event for 50 or 5,000 guests, we can plan and co-ordinate every feature of the entertainment for your unique occasion. No matter how complex or simple you think your event may be, small or large and with whatever budget, Smile entertainers has the experience, and knowledge to ensure that everything runs efficiently and smoothly.

Artist Booking

Smile Entertainer manage and represent variety of well known National and International Celebrity and Artist like Model, Singer, Actors, Live Band and other performer across the world. Be it Celebrity Appearance, Launching or Brand Promotion Live Concert, Award, Corporate Events, Shows, Brand Endorsement. We manage the national and international Artist & Celebrity for all!

Fashion shows are efficiently handled by our team of experts. Some of the aspects we cover in the management of these shows include: Audience, Choreographers, Commentary, Dressing space, Duration, Hair styling, make-up, Lights & sound, Mailing invitees, Merchandise, Models, Stage designing, Music, Budgeting, Planning, catering, Promotion, publicity, Rehearsals, Show coordinator, Staging, Stylists, Theme and Venue. If any further enquiry you can contact us.

Devotional Festival

We are provided services of Mata ki Chowki.Our purpose is to facilitate the mankind to devotee his some valuable time to god so as he can get the bestowed from divinity.It is devotional function, can be kept any time like on occasions such as Birthdays, weddings, Engagements, anniversaries or for the duration of Ganpati and Navratri festivals.

Sai baba of Shirdi is respected as one of the greatest saints. Worshipped as God personified, Sai baba had his sole task to give blessings. Sai Sandhya is carrying out to thank Sai for his blessings and all the love he has bestowed for us. Devotional songs of north India have several popular categories like Qawaali, Bhent, Bhajan, Mantra, Kirtan etc. It is said that who approaches to Sai with a pure heart and feeling, never returns with empty handed.

Movie Promotion

We are also involved in a variety of types of Movie Promotion tricks. Our services are on hand to provide complete in order regarding released movies or the planned one. We make information like Movie listings, Cinema locations, Reel movie, Title, Actor, Movie Theater and Locations. Our professionals make analysis of the films before description these services.

If you are looking for attractive Models for advertising your product– Let our Smile Entertainers Service to assist you and suggest showcasing collection, running stalls, or greet customers. We are providing versatile and professional models so that they can impress and attract your customer with their good looks, pleasant appearances, attractiveness, elegant etiquette and excellent body language skills.

College Function

We are providing full range of services for College annual day program supervision and choreography. Our clients can enjoy a stunning stage and management for a range of College Functions. The services are provided for functions like college annual days department inaugurations. We are assuring you, our purpose and decorations are running smoothly with the most recent trends to suit the preference and requirements of young and energetic minds.

Wedding - the most important event of a person's life from the time when it stairs a new stage of life. We are excellent in organizing a Wedding bash. We assure that it suits accordingly. We have talented experts who own huge experience and skills in organizing the wedding event.

Corporate Events

We are providing services to organize corporate event to people coming together to deliver outstanding Corporate Events – Our spotlight at Corporate Events is always to work in a teamwork and cooperation with the clients to make sure we meet or go beyond the event purpose, add the value, providing solid corporate events ideas while delivering to your company needs. We go all-out to be one of the best corporate event management companies - and to be your great event partner with outstanding event management.

It is the main time of entertainment – The complete solution of stage, lighting, brand and stars plays an important role for attracting the members of the audiences. So, the stage show simply stands for a designated space for the carrying out of staging or dramatic production. We provide stars to assist your stage show and make out a print on everyone eyes. They play a role / action or perform like a center of attraction for the members of the audience. Also we provide theme based architectural stages for your event.

Anchor Booking

Smile Entertainers is a place where people are belonging to the world of entertainment like Television, Media, Events, and Fashion Shows. So if you are required an anchor for your event you can contact to us. There is lots of professional anchor, stars, entertainers may come together and would make your event easy and entertain everyone.

We are recognized as branding name in the industry for providing live concert services. We are arranging celebrity appearances as per the demand customers. Singers, music artists Various live bands, and DJs are also arranged by us for various functions. Our services are highly appreciated by our clients for their quality. We propose and coordinate various entertainment options like performers and artists among many more, as well as take care of all the lighting, pyrotechnics and audiovisual special effects.

Award Function

Everyone wants to be a part of Award Function - not just the winners but related to all participants. It is a true celebration of achieving the goal through wonderful effort. And all the people want to feel like a VIP at the event, with the winner's excitement to exciting atmosphere. We understand the value of your event and your brand.

Smileentertainers.com is a place where people belonging to the world of Television, Media, Events, Fashion Shows, Entertainment. They may come together and would make easy for everyone to find them in seconds.We are also providing singer artists booking for Performing shows, Bollywood Star Performers, Playback Singers, Hindi Pop Singers, Punjabi POP Singers, Bands, Classical Vocalists, Classical Instrumentalists, Musical Groups.

Event Organisers

We have a relation and approaches with tons of celebrities and stars in TV, Politics, Sports, Bollywood, and other part. Hence, we have grown high demand for the deals of celebrities in a variety of events all across the India. Our services are catering to the full contentment of the customers. These celebrity are comes from TV, reality shows, comedian, anchor, singer, acting and dance sector. Further, our vacant services are appreciated by our clients for well-timed achievement and stiffness.

People are keen on to have celebrities come to sports events and functions. Our imagination is matchless since we can carry you the celebrities not only from films and small screen but also from as varied fields as performing arts, non-performing arts sports, and many others and also from the entire India. And we also provided brand ambassadors booking for you company, we are here to assist you with the names of the celebrities and stars.

Comedian Booking

We are providing Comedian Booking services. Our job is to laughter to peoples lives. Isn't it cool? If you are interested in booking comedy in your venue, give us a call! Let's talk it over and we'll make arrangements accordingly for your first show. We are hoping the next one will be yours!

Wedding Function

Being the most exclusive wedding planner in Punjab (Amritsar) we have managed most elegant weddings and we assure you the reflection of your lifestyle and status. Indian weddings usually conducted on a large scale and there are also many traditions and rituals need to follow, and every couple or their family expect to wedding should go off smoothly. We are here to make the day memorable for you and your guests.

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